Lesson 3
Advanced Sites

Welcome to the final lesson of the Sites level 2 course. This lesson is composed of several advanced chapters to help deepen your understanding and hone your skills. Along with Lessons 1-2, information covered in these chapters will be tested in the Sites certification exam. If you have not completed Lessons 1-2,  please do so here.

3.1More Use Cases for Sites
 Learning Objectives
  • Google Sites at school
  • Google Sites as a wiki
  • Quick principles of well-designed and usable sites
3.2Create, format, and customize a site
 Learning Objectives
  • Create a site in Google Sites
  • Personalize site theme, background, colors, and logos
  • Add navigation menus and sitemaps
  • Let collaborators add fields or comments to pages
  • Copy an existing site
  • Change a site URL
  • Edit site settings
3.3Choose page types
 Learning Objectives
  • Page types overview
  • Page location
  • Choose a page layout
  • Share files with a file cabinet page
  • Show class/school announcements with an announcement page
  • Create a class/project blog with an announcement page
  • Create a vocabulary or reading list with a list page
  • Create a school portal page with a start page
  • Create and edit page templates for a site
3.4Manage pages in a site
 Learning Objectives
  • Change page type or template
  • Edit page settings
  • Page level permissions
  • Delete or recover a page
  • View all pages in a site
3.5Embed documents, gadgets, media, and other Google tools
 Learning Objectives
  • Rich media options for a site
  • Add standard content to a page 
  • Insert Google product gadgets on a page
  • Find and create other gadgets
  • Manage files and attachments for a site
  • Customize search for a site
  • Google Apps Scripts
3.6Share, publish, and protect a site
 Learning Objectives
  • Publishing and sharing overview
  • Share a site with individuals, groups, your school
  • Make a site public to the world
3.7Use Sites to manage your class
 Learning Objectives
  • Embed a course calendar
  • Notify students about course or site updates
  • Deliver courses with presentations, videos, and notes
  • Moderate class Q&A and discussion
  • Build a site template for student coursework
  • Collect and organize student course sites
  • Administer tests and quizzes using Forms on your site
3.8Gadget gallery and development
 Learning Objectives
  • Block and allow certain gadgets in Sties
  • Insert and play non-YouTube or Google Drive videos
  • Useful gadgets for teachers and students

Once you’ve completed Lessons 1-3, take the Sites certification exam. Or, to continue studying for your Google Educator certificate, learn more.