Lesson 5

Advanced Gmail

Welcome to the final lesson of the Gmail level 2 course. This lesson is composed of several advanced chapters to help deepen your understanding and hone your skills. Along with Lessons 1-4, information covered in these chapters will be tested in the Gmail certification exam. If you have not completed Lessons 1-4,  please do so here.

5.1More with messages
 Learning Objectives
  • Mail Delegation
  • Create email message templates
  • Receive mail from multiple accounts
  • Personalize your inbox and messages
5.2Advanced Organization
 Learning Objectives
  • Use labels to organize by class or subject
  • Star important messages
  • Archiving vs deleting messages
  • Automate your inbox with filters and templates
  • Priority inbox
  • Forward mail to a different address
5.3Managing Tasks
 Learning Objectives
  • Todo lists and tasks in Gmail
  • Create, organize, and prioritize multiple task lists
  • Print or send a task list to someone
  • Integrate tasks with Google Calendar
5.4Offline and Mobile Access
 Learning Objectives
  • Access Apps without an Internet connection
  • Access Gmail and tasks from your mobile phone
5.5Chat instantly
 Learning Objectives
  • Chat in Gmail overview
  • Save, search, and reply with chat
  • Add, remove, or change those in your chat list
  • Chat with a group
  • Chat with voice or video
  • The new Google+ Hangouts

Once you’ve completed Lessons 1-5, take the Gmail certification exam. Or, to continue studying for your Google Educator certificate, learn more.