Lesson 8
Advanced Docs & Drive

Welcome to the final lesson of the Docs & Drive level 2 course. This lesson is composed of several advanced chapters to help deepen your understanding and hone your skills. Along with Lessons 1-7, information covered in these chapters will be tested in the Docs & Drive certification exam. If you have not completed Lessons 1-7,  please do so here.

8.1Sharing, Privacy, Printing, and Publishing
 Learning Objectives
  • Online collaboration
  • Share and access docs in your school
  • Share docs outside your school
  • Share and access documents with groups
  • Share folders with individuals and groups 
  • Advanced sharing permissions
  • Email documents as attachments
  • Publish documents to the web
  • Embed documents into a blog or website
  • Print options
 Learning Objectives
  • Docs in the classroom
  • Work with documents
  • Manage documents with multiple editors
  • Basic and advanced formatting
  • Create and share document templates
  • Improve the writing process with Docs
  • Create a central archive with Drive
  • Run a paperless classroom with Drive
  • Easily conduct research using the Research Tool
 Learning Objectives
  • Spreadsheets in the classroom
  • Enter data into spreadsheets
  • Share and collaborate with spreadsheet data
  • Useful functions and formulas
  • Manage your spreadsheet
  • Analyze spreadsheet data
  • Creating and editing pivot table reports
  • Create and publish charts
 Learning Objectives
  • Presentations in the classroom
  • Create presentations
  • Edit and customize your presentation
  • Edit and format slides
  • Tools and animations
  • Preview, present, or print a presentation
  • Comments in presentations
  • Share and present your presentations
  • Streamline back-to-back presentations
  • Design presentation templates for meetings or classes
  • Easily conduct research using the Research Tool
 Learning Objectives
  • Forms in the classroom
  • Create and customize forms
  • Share forms with collaborators
  • Collect form responses
  • Choose a form destination response
  • View and manage form responses
  • Design and deliver quizzes and tests using forms
  • Structure peer reviews and feedback
  • Check and submit assignments
  • Log reports and information into a single database
  • File and track school-wide requests
  • Print fillable forms
 Learning Objectives
  • Drawings in the classroom
  • Creating a new drawing
  • Revision history
  • Editing drawings
  • Formatting drawings
  • Comments and discussions in drawings
  • Using the Research Tool in drawings
  • Using drawings with Docs, Sheets, and Slides
8.7Google Drive on the Web
 Learning Objectives
  • Overview
  • Finding and using your files and documents
  • Play your video files in Google Drive
  • Finding your hidden documents, files, and folders
  • Folders
  • Uploading and exporting
  • Google Drive storage
8.8Google Drive on Mobile Devices
 Learning Objectives
  • Drive on Android phones and tablets
  • Drive on iPhone and iPad (and iPad touch)
  • Drive on other devices and mobile browsers
  • Mobile Drive in the classroom

8.9 Compatibility and Offline Access
 Learning Objectives
  • Compatibility
  • Google Drive offline

Once you’ve completed Lessons 1-8, take the Docs & Drive certification exam. Or, to continue studying for your Google Educator certificate, learn more.