Lesson 4
Advanced Chromebooks

Welcome to the final lesson of the Chromebooks level 2 course. This lesson is composed of several advanced chapters to help deepen your understanding and hone your skills. Along with Lessons 1-3, information covered in these chapters will be tested in the Chromebooks certification exam. If you have not completed Lessons 1-3,  please do so here.

4.1 Introduction to Chromebooks
 Learning Objectives
  • Learn how Chromebooks are optimized for use on the web
  • Explore Chromebook models
  • Discover how peripheral devices can enhance your experience
  • Navigate easily with keyboard features
  • Learn about managed devices
4.2 Working More Efficiently
 Learning Objectives
  • Connect to the cloud with your Chromebook
  • Explore the desktop and learn how to navigate
  • Work fast with keyboard shortcuts
  • Personalize settings to fit your needs
  • Sign out of your Chromebook
4.3 Learning Anytime, Anywhere
 Learning Objectives
  • Access content for teaching and learning
  • Manage Chromebooks in the classroom
  • Learn with Chromebooks in the classroom
  • Use Chrome Web Store apps and extensions to optimize learning
4.4 Troubleshooting Tips
 Learning Objectives
  • Solve problems with basic troubleshooting
  • Use the task manager to diagnose problems
  • Understand network settings
  • Get help with fixing problems

Once you’ve completed Lessons 1-4, take the Chromebooks certification exam. Or, to continue studying for your Google Educator certificate, learn more.