Lesson 5

Advanced Implementing Google Apps

Welcome to the final lesson of the Implementing Google Apps level 2 course. This lesson is composed of several advanced chapters to help deepen your understanding and hone your skills. Along with Lessons 1-4, information covered in these chapters will be tested in the Google Apps Admin certification exam. If you have not completed Lessons 1-4,  please do so here.

5.1  Getting Around Google Apps
 Learning Objectives
  • Sign-in to Google Apps services
  • Access the admin console as an administrator
5.2  Customize Google Apps for Your School Even More 
 Learning Objectives
  • Add and remove services for your domain
  • Customize products for your domain
  • Set-up email security policies in Google Apps
  • Restrict email delivery based on policies
  • Create groups for email lists and sharing
5.3  Google Apps FAQs
 Learning Objectives
  • General FAQs
  • Security and Privacy FAQs

Once you’ve completed Lessons 1-5, take the Google Apps Admin certification exam. Or, to continue studying for your Google Educator certificate, learn more.